Why Should an Entrepreneur Change His Phone System to Virtual Phone?

If a business is looking for a new phone system, something that is affordable and yet has all the features of a traditional phone system, a virtual phone system is the answer. More businesses are opting for this phone system than ever before which has given rise to many speculations regarding the advantages and benefits of this phone system. The advantages of a virtual telephone are many and one of the greatest advantages is that it can be used with any existing telephone connection.

Advanced Additional Features

In addition to the advanced features of a phone system, a virtual phone also has certain other features that give it an extra edge over a traditional phone system. Features including online fax, Do not Disturb and Follow-Me-Find-Me help a small entrepreneur to do his business successfully in a competitive business environment. These features minimize the chances of calls going unanswered thereby boosting sales.

Advanced Call Forwarding

If an entrepreneur is looking for an all-inclusive communication system at an affordable price, a virtual phone is more than perfect. It offers scalable solutions for all business communication needs. A virtual telephone can forward calls to more than one phone number. This ensures that an entrepreneur is in touch with his customers all the time and also ensures that he does not miss any important business calls.

An entrepreneur can supply more than one phone number to his virtual phone system and can also mention the order in which he wants the calls to be forwarded. He should use his cell phone number as the first number of his choice and then can use his home phone number, business phone number and other phone numbers. A virtual telephone tries delivering a call first to the cell phone. If it does not find him then it tries delivering the call to his home phone or business phone. It basically hunts him down to deliver a call. This is known as Follow-Me-Find-Me.

Using Voicemail Box

If a caller could not talk to the entrepreneur, a virtual phone forwards the call to the voicemail box.  A caller can leave a message at the voicemail box and he can reply to the caller at his convenience. The phone system subscriber is properly informed of the arrival of every voicemail. So there are fewer chances of voice messages going unanswered. Voicemail can also be read in email. The email usually has a link where the entrepreneur can just click to listen to the voicemail. Alternatively, if an entrepreneur is busy and cannot answer calls, he can keep his phone in Do Not Disturb mode until he becomes available.

Online Faxing

A virtual phone can also be used for faxing.  Using a virtual telephone, it is possible to send and receive fax without using a fax machine. A virtual telephone allows faxing via an online interface. Also known as virtual faxing, this is the simplest, easiest and fastest way of faxing as compared to traditional faxing.  It is also cost effective and is environmentally friendly. More importantly, it ensures delivery of faxes on time anywhere.


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