A Virtual Phone System – an Effective Strategy for Escalating One’s Organization

A virtual phone system is your answer to all your business communication needs. There are occasions when you cannot respond to a client’s call nor cannot follow-up on a call or you actually find yourself impossible to attend to a really important phone call – a virtual phone is your answer in all these cases. So what is a virtual phone and how it can help you deal with some of the common communication problems of your business?

Convenient to Use

A virtual phone system needs no hardware, software, expensive installations and no trained staff and thus has no maintenance cost. The entire service is hosted on the provider’s system offsite but you can manage your extensions, voicemail box, call rerouting options and others.  It helps you save your time, money and energy. Now isn’t that wonderful? Your business can enjoy all the advanced features like call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail box and others without the need to maintain a complex phone system.

Cost Effective

A virtual phone system does not need any hardware, software or expensive installation. It also does not need a dedicated telephone connection. A virtual phone can be used with any of your existing connections. You do not need to sign any contract for using a virtual phone. Believe it, it’s that easy! You can terminate your service any time you are not happy with your service provider. It is very affordable and is ideal for small businesses that operate in strict financial margins.


You obviously want your business to grow. In fact that is one of the reasons for using a virtual phone system. A virtual phone can actually grow with your business. So you can go on adding extensions for employees or departments as and when there’s a requirement. You can also use features like voicemail box, virtual fax and others.

Lots of Features

A virtual phone system has all the features of a traditional phone system and some advanced features in addition to that. If you are using a virtual phone your business can benefit by using an auto attendant, call forward and call transfer, voicemail box and virtual fax. A virtual phone can receive more than one call simultaneously and your customers will never hear the busy tone.

Though you are busy and cannot answer your customer’s call you need not worry about it. The auto attendant of a virtual phone system answers your customer’s call and routes him to the right person or department. The auto attendant forwards the call to your personal cell phone, residential phone, office phone or to any other phone number of your choice. You can also set the day and time when you want to receive calls on a particular number. Your customer can also leave a message in your voicemail box so they can expect a call back from you. Your voice messages can also be read in emails so that you can manage all your business communications from one place. Moreover, a virtual phone uses caller ID to capture all the information of the caller.

Using a Toll Free Number

Using a toll free number with your virtual phone system helps to make your business look credible and professional almost instantly. Since a toll free number is always associated with reputed organizations, it immediately puts you on the same standing as any large and reputed enterprise.


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