A Virtual Phone System Has Changed the Perception of a Home Based Business

As the country shows signs of recovery, some Americans have been motivated to open their own business. Some entrepreneurs have started their own home based business to keep the overhead expense low at the planning stage. Tools like a virtual phone system have helped home based business entrepreneurs run their operations and enance their reputations. It has helped entrepreneurs create automated directories to develop an illusion of a large corporation even when all the calls are routed to a single number. A system like this also offers advanced features like call recording and voicemail so that you can return every missed call.

Makes You Big

A virtual phone system is also a cost-effective alternative when you are relocating to your headquarter during expansion. You can use a toll free number for the metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada and can still route the calls from your toll free number to your personal cell phone. According to recent research there has been a huge attitudinal shift in the way home-based  businesses are perceived today. It wasn’t that long ago when work from home was synonymous with unemployment. But the whole scenario has undergone a change.  A virtual phone makes your home based business as big as a reputed organization and puts you on the same standing.

Creates Your Virtual Presence

Your business can also enjoy other advanced features like: call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail and others with a virtual phone system. The system can forward calls to more than one phone number like your personal cell phone, your residential phone and other phone numbers of your choice. No matter if you are at home or at the office, you are accessible to your customers all the time. It also allows you to transfer calls within the country or across it. So it helps you create your presence anywhere – virtually.

It’s Affordable

A virtual phone system needs no installation or complex hardware or software. It does not even need a dedicated telephone connection and can work with any phone line. This is a huge cost saving for new business owners and entrepreneurs. Moreover, you can enjoy all the advanced call management features just by paying a minimal monthly fee.

None of Your Calls Will Go Unattended

Though you are busy and cannot answer your customer’s call you need not worry about it. The auto attendant of a virtual phone system answers your customer’s call and routes him to the right person or department. The auto attendant forwards the call to your personal cell phone, residential phone, office phone or to any other phone number of your choice. You can also set the day and time when you want to receive calls on a particular number. Your customer can also leave a message in your voicemail box. So, they can expect a call back from you. Your voice messages can also be read in emails so that you can manage all your business communications from one place. Moreover, a virtual phone also uses caller ID to capture all the information of the caller.

A Toll Free Number

Using a toll free number with your virtual phone system can make your business credible almost instantly. Toll free numbers are easily accessible from across the country and your customers do not pay for the call even if they are calling from far away.


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