Successful Real Estate Professionals Depend on a Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system perhaps becomes most relevant for a real estate professional.  A real estate professional cannot remain tied to his desk and he has to move out of the office for his business needs.  A virtual phone provides all the features you expect from an enterprise phone system but without the hefty price tag. A virtual phone is, in fact, the secret to many real estate agents who are successful in producing a continuous stream of business.

The real estate market is highly competitive. You cannot afford to miss even a single call because a missed call means a missed business opportunity. If your customer cannot find you during the time of his need, he will go to another real estate agent, which means you lose out on a valuable deal. A virtual phone system can keep you connected with your customers all the time. No matter if you are within the office or out of the office a virtual phone will keep you close to your customers all the time.

No Lost Opportunity

Time plays an important role in the closing of any real estate deal. A missed call or an unanswered voicemail can be pricey for your business. A virtual phone system allows you to keep your existing phone number and forward calls either to your personal cell phone or to your residential phone. So, there’s no chance of losing out on any valuable business because of a missed call or an unattended voicemail.

Call Routing and Call Capture

Using a virtual phone system a real estate agent can screen a call and answer it immediately only if he feels it’s important or can also route it to his voicemail box to answer it in an appropriate time.  The call capture of a virtual phone provides you fool-proof information of the caller just at a glance. So now there’s no chance of missed calls. This phone system helps you to answer all the calls without disturbing any scheduled meeting or an important appointment.

Toll Free Number

Using a toll free number on a virtual phone system can be particularly helpful for real estate professionals. You can put the toll free number and extension on your direct mails, hangers, classifieds, lawn signs or sign riders and when people call in they can listen to hear about the features of a property – how many rooms, the yard, how old it is, any newly added features, etc. Then they can leave a message to have someone call them back. Also, since the system captures the caller ID of the caller, the real estate agent can call anyone who listened to the information about a specific property. You can use your toll free number on all your business communications and your customers will call you in that number. So you enjoy en effective communication with your customers without disclosing your personal number.

Using the Auto Attendant

You can use the auto attendant of your virtual phone system as an effective marketing tool. You can record and play information about properties over the phone lines while the inbound caller is waiting to be forwarded. This is a great opportunity for your business to disseminate information (such as location of the property, the number of rooms and yards or the condition of the property) to all the callers who is dialing your number.


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