Our Local Women’s Club Uses a Virtual Phone System

Our virtual phone system has provided our local women’s club with an excellent way to keep in touch with members and keep everyone up-to-date on meetings, volunteer activities and other events. With the information hotline feature, members can get updated information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we do not have to pay someone or solicit volunteers to man phones.

Using the Information Hotline

The information hotline piece of our virtual phone system is a phone number that anyone can call to get information about our women’s club activities through an automated system. The auto attendant feature of the hotline offers additional options that we use to leave messages for members. One of our club officers is able to pre-record a message of her choosing and upload it to the system. When one of our members calls the club number associated with the virtual phone system, they hear the most recent information available concerning club activities. The pre-recorded information may include changes in meetings, new activities scheduled, or fundraising results, all for one monthly fee.

Using the Auto Attendant

The auto attendant is a helpful and convenient feature we use in conjunction with the information hotline. Not only can our members hear messages, but they may leave messages as well. When a member calls the number, she will be greeted pleasantly and thanked for calling. Next, she will be offered a list of options and invited to select one. The options may include any kind of information club members choose to leave on the system. Additionally, the caller may have the option of contacting an officer of the club. When the caller chooses this option, the call is forwarded to the cell phone or home phone of a club officer.

Benefits for Members and Other Callers

The virtual phone system has been incredibly beneficial for our members and others. Callers who simply want to know the date and time of the next meeting without having to stay on hold and wait for help or leave a toll free voicemails and wait for a return call, may get the necessary information right away. This feature has been extremely helpful in getting as many members to meetings as possible and keeping everyone informed. If a caller does not get her question answered through the automated system, she still has the option of pressing another button to have the call forwarded to the personal cell or home phone of a club officer. The system is easy to use and highly efficient.

Our women’s club has found the virtual phone system to be very beneficial to everyone who has used it. The primary benefit of the automated system has been its ability to provide up-to-the-minute information to members and other callers at any time of day without having to hire someone or solicit volunteers to man the phones. As an added bonus, the system includes an easy-to-navigate desktop interface making uploading the recordings a simple process.


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