How a Virtual Phone System Kept My Expenses Down While Providing the Communications I Needed

When I first opened my used car dealership, I was concerned about how I was going to provide each of my employees with the telephone solutions they needed at a cost I could afford. A virtual phone system turned out to be the best option out there and it has worked well for me for many years.

Getting Started

Before I opened the doors to my car lot, I was faced with several decisions regarding communication. Like any other start-up business owner, I had to worry about the amount of money I was spending and the types of features I was being provided. I also had to ensure that my customers were provided with the best customer service experience possible on each and every call. On the other hand, I had to make sure that the members of my sales team each had access to their own telephone numbers so that they could generate a customer base, follow up with leads and close sales efficiently. Missing calls in this business is not an option.

Choosing a Telephone Service Provider

There are several different ways to obtain multiple telephone numbers and lines, but in the end, I narrowed the selection down to several actual landline numbers or a virtual phone system. The building I had leased only had two telephone jacks, but I had four employees besides myself who needed access to their telephones. The cost of installing the additional jacks would have been staggering, and the estimated monthly bill was quite discouraging. On the other hand, a virtual phone system did not require any installation, and with its ability to forward calls directly to each employee’s cell phone, it provided a low monthly bill that fit well into my budget.

Multiple Benefits

Since cheaper is not always better when it comes to many things, the next step in the process involved comparing the benefits offered to me by the virtual phone system. Aside from eliminating the need for multiple lines and providing the service at a low monthly rate, my employees also have access to things like call forwarding, virtual voicemail, online faxing, an auto attendant and much, much more. These benefits make it easier for my employees to do their jobs correctly and more proficiently; every business owner knows that time is money. When my team of sales agents is able to spend more time with each client, my business makes more money.

Better Customer Service

Another benefit that comes from making use of the virtual telephone system is the ability to provide the best customer service possible on each and every interaction. This is very important for maintaining customer loyalty and it ensures that my sales agents are able to answer or return each and every call they receive. Better customer interactions result in a better reputation for my business, and the more cars I sell, the more money I can make. This provides the best overall return on investment for any communications system on the market.

One of the best business decisions I ever made was selecting to use a virtual phone system. With the ability to save money on my monthly bills, give my employees the tools to do their jobs proficiently and provide the best customer service in the area, my business continues to enjoy a great level of overall success.


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