Is a Virtual Phone System the Best Solution for Your Home Business?

Small Business Phone ServiceIf you are considering a home-based business, you have probably already put some thought into the communications solution you will use. While many people may choose to add a second landline or even use their existing landline and mobile phone, this makes it difficult to organize and handle calls. A virtual phone system is the perfect solution.

Cost Effective

The first reason why you should consider a virtual phone system as your communications solution of choice has to do with its cost effectiveness. Adding a second landline can be incredibly expensive, especially if jacks and splitters need to be installed. This is not true with a virtual system; multiple telephone numbers can be used with a single landline and the cost is much less than that associated with a standard landline. While an additional landline with unlimited long distance and basic features may cost as much as $80 a month, a virtual system may cost as little as $20 a month, depending on the type selected and the included features.

Packed with Features                     

Another great thing about a virtual phone system is that it comes fully loaded with all of the features that can help to make your business a success. The auto attendant feature automatically answers all of your calls and provides your callers with options about how they would like their calls handled. If they simply want information, you might choose to set up an information hotline so that you are not required to repeat the same thing to each caller. If they would like to speak with you directly, they can either ring through to you or be put through to your voicemail. Some systems even come with toll-free numbers and vanity numbers that will make your business more professional and memorable.

Better Customer Service

A virtual phone system has everything that is necessary for you to provide your customers with the best customer service experience possible. Thanks to the myriad of features that are available, you can ensure that each and every customer contact is a pleasant one. The auto attendant feature always greets each caller with courtesy and routes calls perfectly each and every time. Essentially, your clients and customers will have plenty of options available to them to ensure that they get a first-rate experience each time they call. With call forwarding, you can easily take your business number with you wherever you go.

Better Organization

The ability to track and log your calls and manage everything from a back-office web interface makes organizing your communications system a breeze. Never again will you have to be concerned with forgetting to call customers back or losing important documents in a traditional fax machine. When you travel, you can use call forwarding to ensure that all of your calls reach you. Finally, you can easily distinguish between your personal calls and your business calls thanks to the technology that the virtual phone system provides.

Running a home business can be a time consuming and expensive endeavor—especially in the beginning. By electing to use a virtual phone system, you can save time and money and provide your customers with the best service possible.


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